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Fantastic Fest filmmaker still needs our help!  And your car!

living-and-dead-blog1If you remember this post from back in May, then you'll remember that we're teaming up with 2006 Fantastic Fest Best Picture-winner Simon Rumley (THE LIVING AND THE DEAD) to produce his next film right here in Austin!  The response from you all has been great so far, but Simon still needs our help.

His film - RED, WHITE AND BLUE - is in dire need of 4-door luxury or semi-luxury vehicles.  Basically something like a BMW, Mercedes Benz, Lincoln, Audi, Infiniti, Volvo, or VW.  The car(s) would be used on screen primarily sitting in driveways of houses or next to buildings and would only be needed for less than one day.

Have semi-luxury SUV, will what you should be saying right now if you own one.   Independent films don't materialize out of the ether, they're fought for by teams of talented people with boundless energy and no money.  If you are able, please help.

Send an email with pics and contact info to: [email protected].


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