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Fantastic Fest Day Two Report

Get the highlights from the jam-packed second day of the festival.

Fantastic Fest Day Two Report

Day Two was a rousing success filled with film-geeking, nerd-rapping, beer-drinking and game-playing. Get the highlights!

Fantastic Fest fave Nacho Vigalondo presented his film EXTRATERRESTRIAL along with producer Nahikari Ipiña, actor Julián Villagrán, DP Jon D. Domínguez, and Art Director Idoia Esteban live in person!

Director Luis Estrada answers questions about his film EL NARCO. Photo by Jack Plunkett.

Director Evan Kelly, writer Josh MacDonald, and producer Mike Masters, left to right, introduce the North American premiere screening of THE CORRIDOR. Photo by Jack Plunkett.

Director Alejandro Brugués discusses his film JUAN OF THE DEAD. Photo by Jack Plunkett.

Director Jaume Balagueró talks about his film SLEEP TIGHT. Photo by Jack Plunkett.

The Fantastic Arcade Happy Hour And Tournament, featuring JESUS VS. DINOSAURS and VIKINGS ON TRAMPOLINES, was really fun and well-attended.  Read more here.

Photos by Jack Plunkett.

At The Highball we had the epic Attempted Rap contest followed by Nerdeoke. Here's contestant Eugenio Mira's fully rad entry:

Fantastic Fest guest Dominic Monaghan (THE DAY, Fantastic Debates) gave it a shot too:

Tune back in--the PEANUTS rap by Damon Jones was the crowd favorite. We're getting the video together and I'll post it here shortly!

Check back tomorrow for more updates from the Fantastic Fest front lines. Read all about Day One here.


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