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Fantastic Fest Day Four Report

We had a ton of great Q&As, Don Coscarelli and Doug Jones and some totally chaotic karaoke!

Fantastic Fest Day Four Report

Day Four was a whirlwind! We had Don Coscarelli here with Doug Jones to reveal exclusive preview footage of their upcoming JOHN DIES AT THE END, we had loads of juicy filmmaker Q&As and we topped off the night with the Well Go Entertainment Chaos Reins Karaoke Party, also known as Japan Night because that other is a mouthful. But chaos did reign, my friends. It reigned with a quickness.

But first, we enjoyed filmmaker Q&As for the 10th anniversary screening of VERSUS, the new film by VERSUS star/writer/director Tak Sakaguchi called YAKUZA WEAPONELITE SQUAD: THE ENEMY WITHIN and TAKE SHELTER. And we were treated to some amazing preview footage of Don Coscarelli's JOHN DIES AT THE END with Coscarelli and actor Doug Jones in attendance, but that was so rad it needs its own post. Stay tuned for a teaser of JOHN DIES AT THE END and footage of the Coscarelli/Jones Q&A along with loads of pics!

We hope to get some footage of the best Chaos Reigns karaoke numbers up for you later, but in the meantime, here are some pics. All photos by David Hill.

Host Tim League insisted all karaoke participants down a complimentary sake bomb before they entered the stage. He had a few himself.


Noboru Iguchi, director of FF 2011 selections KARATE-ROBO ZABORGAR and ZOMBIE ASS, totally took his pants off immediately after this shot.
EXTRATERRESTRIAL director and FF institution Nacho Vigalondo, ladies and gentlemen. 
Ti West, representing THE INNKEEPERS as a director and YOU'RE NEXT as an actor at the festival this year, brought us a little Macy Gray action. 

We all closed the night down with a rousing group sing of Billy Joel's "Only The Good Die Young."
As you can see, Fantastic Festers take their karaoke mighty seriously. If you missed the party, we've got the Karaoke Apocalypse party tomorrow night, and that is utterly not to be missed. And if you haven't, read the recaps from Fantastic Fest Day One, Day Two and Day Three!


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