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Fantastic Fest Bumper Submissions!

We've been pushing this Fantastic Frenzy contest for a while and holy SHIT did we get a lot of submissions! Not only that, we got some really amazing ones, too. Now, we here at Fantastic Fest headquarters will be picking the top ten films, but we need you guys to pick number one (it's just too much pressure for us, you guys!).

Our top ten favorite films will each win $100 Alamo prize packs that can be redeemed anytime for movies, merchandise, food or drinks. The number one film (as picked by the voting members of the Filmmaking Frenzy community) will receive two VIP badges to this year’s Fantastic Fest – badges that will allow you to meet and mingle with the stars of Fantastic Fest. These badges sold out before the end of Fantastic Fest 2008, but we held a couple just for this!  If you are a filmmaker outside of Austin who can't make it in for Fantastic Fest, you can swap out the goodies above for $250 cash. But you should really just find a way to get here if you win, because it’ll be soooo worth it.

Now, here's the important thing: Voting for the Fantastic Fest Bumper Frenzy will end on Monday, August 31st at noon! Spread the word and make sure your friends and secret lovers and childhood monster pets check out your movies and vote!

IN SHORT: (1) STOP whatever you are doing. (2) Go to the Filmmaking Frenzy site. (3) Register as a legit voter so we know you're not a robot. (4) Watch as many Fantastic Fest bumpers as you can and VOTE VOTE VOTE until your little head explodes.

We are not responsible for any brain damage this may cause. Kthx.


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