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Fantastic Fest 2011 Hit THE CORRIDOR Hits VOD On Friday!

The AMD Next Wave film made serious waves at Fantastic Fest this year and now you can see it at home!

Fantastic Fest 2011 Hit THE CORRIDOR Hits VOD On Friday!

THE CORRIDOR, one of Fantastic Fest 2011's AMD Next Wave films, made serious waves at the festival. And now you can see it from the comfort of your own home! The film will be available via IFC's video-on-demand service as well as iTunes, Sundance Now, Amazon Streaming and Xbox Zune.

Check out a synopsis from the festival:

When Tyler’s mom Pauline OD’s, something snaps in his head. His friends arrive to find Pauline face down in the hallway and Tyler jumps out of the closet, sputtering nonsense. He cuts one friend’s face and stabs another in the hand before being restrained.

Several years later, Tyler’s getting out of the institution and his four best friends are meeting him to give Pauline a final farewell and scatter her ashes. They head out to the small cabin she kept deep in the woods, but the years have changed them. They’ve grown apart. Old wounds open and none of them are sure how to treat Tyler. While the meds he’s taking seem to be working, there’s a latent fear that they can’t acknowledge or ignore.

Tyler takes a walk late on the first night and discovers a strange hallway, some kind of supernatural corridor in the woods. While he wonders if his mind is playing tricks on him, he convinces his best friend to go with him the next morning and check it out. The other three follow them and they can all see and experience the corridor, allowing Tyler to breathe a sigh of relief at not being crazy. But the corridor has strange, supernatural properties and its effects will change the five friends in ways they could never expect.

First time feature director Evan Kelly delivers exactly what we are looking for in an AMD Next Wave film: a vibrant, fresh supernatural concept with unexpected turns and deeply developed characters. Look out for what Kelly does next. (Luke Mullen)

Watch the trailer below, visit THE CORRIDOR's Facebook page and then watch this eerie and singular film on Friday!


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