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Fantastic Debates 2011: Tim League Challenges KNUCKLE fighter James McDonagh

Tim League makes his death wish public.

Fantastic Debates 2011: Tim League Challenges KNUCKLE fighter James McDonagh

The Fantastic Debates are a staple of Fantastic Fest every year. At the Fantastic Debates, press, filmmakers & film professionals enter the arena for a formal debate followed by two rounds of boxing. In the ring, the great issues facing the fan  community are solved once and for all, first by words, then by fisticuffs. Four debates are scheduled, culminating in the main event, a bout featuring KNUCKLE star and undefeated bare-knuckle brawler James Quinn McDonagh versus Fantastic Fest Co-Founder Tim League.

Each year, Tim League finds someone to fight that could potentially kill him. He's been pretty successful at staying alive so far, but this year he may have gone too far. Uwe Boll, professional kickboxer and film director, took it easy on him. Michelle Rodriguez popped him in the face a couple times, but he got her back. James Quinn McDonagh is one big dude.

McDonagh will be at the festival with the film KNUCKLE, an epic 12-year journey into the brutal and secretive world of Irish Traveler bare-knuckle fighting. KNUCKLE gives a rare inside look at the generations-long feud between Irish Traveller clans headed by James Quinn McDonagh and Paddy “The Lurcher” Joyce. McDonagh has agreed to join Tim in the boxing ring for this year's Fantastic Debates. It's about to get bloody.

"Fantastic Debates has become the most anticipated special event of the festival. Last year I beat GIRLFIGHT star Michelle Rodriguez in the ring. Perhaps this gave me too much confidence. This year in a fit of incredibly poor judgment, I have challenged undefeated Irish bare-knuckle brawler James Quinn McDonagh to a fight," said League.

Check out Tim League's challenge and James McDonagh's response below, and join us Saturday, September 24 as we all bid farewell to Tim's face.


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