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Fantastic Arcade Has Infinite Lives

The first annual Fantastic Arcade is now over but Fantastic Fest rages on! To send the Arcade out in proper style, we held a video game trivia challenge a-la the classic 80’s game show Starcade that was full of obscure factoids, joysticks skills, and plenty of beer. After 3 rounds of head-to-head arcade action- a victor was crowned, who walked away with a cash prize as well as his very own vintage stand up arcade machine! If you’re not familiar with Starcade- brush up by streaming 41 essential episodes HERE!

After Starcade, the Fantastic Arcade Awards Ceremony began announcing the winners of the 48-Hr Filmmaking Challenge, the Arcade Audience Award as well as our Juror Awards for the showcased games. Without further adieu…

Game Developer Competition

Most Fantastic Award (1st place): Enviro-Bear 2000!

2nd place (The Gauntlet Award for Best Team Play): Monaco

3rd place (Employee of the Month): Every day the same dream

Game Developer Audience Awards

1st Place: Nidhogg

2nd Place: Feist

3rd Place: Every day the same dream

48-Hr Machinima Filmmaking Challenge Winners

(We assigned teams from all over the world each a random genre and the the line of dialogue "Be careful that's fantastic."  The results were amazing.)

1st place: Dance Dance Retribution by The Blue Suns  (click link to watch!)

2nd place: The Bone Orchard by Los Chunky Changos (click link to watch!)

Best Actor: Jorge Campos for the Bone Orchard

Starcade Competition:

1st Place: James Curry

Runner up: Nick Wallace

Thanks to our sponsors Dell, ATI, ASICS, MovieStorm, and 343 Industries for their support and for donating such wonderful prizes to our entrants! Thanks to our excellent panel of judges and most of all thanks to YOU for coming and having a blast with us! We have already strapped on our Power Gloves and begun planning ways to make next year’s Fantastic Arcade even more fantastic.


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