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Fancy yourselves a bit of Chris Morris?

British satirist Chris Morris has long since been revered for his sharp, biting wit and ability to poke fun at topics others would consider off-limits.  In his years as a radio DJ, writer, actor, and director, he has pushed the boundaries of comedy and paved the way for everyone who followed.  It's doubtful that shows like The Colbert Report or The Daily Show could even exist if it wasn't for Morris' work on projects such as THE DAY TODAY or BRASS EYE.  While Morris is basically a household name across the pond, there is a good chance many people here in America may as of yet be unfamiliar with his work.   We know you've all heard the buzz on FOUR LIONS, his latest film project and newest acquisition of Drafthouse Films.  But, for those not familiar with his early work, do we have good news for you!

Starting on Sunday, October 31st, and leading up to the November 5th release of FOUR LIONS, we are screening a series of Chris Morris' groundbreaking work on British television including - THE DAY TODAY, JAM, and BRASS EYE.  All shows are FREE, so whether you're already a fan of Morris' work, or just now arriving to the party, get on out to the Alamo Village next week to catch these on the big screen!

Check out the full schedule and click the links below for individual show info:

Sunday, October 31st- THE DAY TODAY Part 1

Monday, November 1st- JAM

Tuesday, November 2nd- THE DAY TODAY Part 2

Wednesday, November 3rd- BRASS EYE Part 1

Thursday, November 4th- BRASS EYE Part 2

Some Clips from THE DAY TODAY

"Mr. Lizard" from JAM


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