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Fan of Charlie Chaplin? Don’t miss a rare theatrical screening of Charles Lane’s SIDEWALK STORIES

After years of obscurity, this Chaplin-inspired comedy is back on the big screen. 

Fan of Charlie Chaplin? Don’t miss a rare theatrical screening of Charles Lane’s SIDEWALK STORIES

Charles Lane experienced some serious déjà vu  after watching the Academy Award-winning film THE ARTIST. More than 20 years earlier, Lane had written, directed and starred in SIDEWALK STORIES, a film that, like THE ARTIST, paid tribute to the glory days of filmmaking in the silent era. Lane recognized several of the motifs and ideas he has concocted for his own film in THE ARTIST. Unlike THE ARTIST, though, Lane's film did not enjoy universal critical and commercial acclaim upon its release - after a short theatrical run, it was dumped into film limbo without even an official American home video release. Studio politics and bad business deals had threatened to erase Charles Lane's film from the history books. This was a movie that Tom Hanks had once considered remaking with Walt Disney Pictures!

Now, two decades after the fact, Charles Lane's tribute to Charlie Chaplin's THE KID has undergone a digital restoration and is back on the big screen for night night only. Don't miss a rare theatrical screening of Charles Lane's SIDEWALK STORIES on Monday, February 17 at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - Vintage Park.

Like Charlie Chaplin's THE KID, Lane's film is a sweetly sentimental comedy about a tramp and a young kid. Lane's character is a baby-faced tramp - working hard to earn a living as a street artist. Long days spent fighting for turf with other artists are followed by lonely nights huddled for warmth in an abandoned building. After witnessing a murder, though, the tramp becomes the reluctant guardian of a toddler and must step up his game in order to support the young girl he has now become a surrogate parent for.

The film has all the pratfalls, slapstick and exquisitely designed physical humor you'd expect in a silent film. What it also has, though, is a fairly realistic look at the homeless scene in late '80s New York City. Shot it stark, beautiful black and white, Lane gives the city a timeless look. The film never feels dated - thanks in large part to an amazing bluesy rock score by Marc Marder. A powerful example of black filmmaking, SIDEWALK STORIES is just as fresh, funny and insightful today as it was upon its release.

Don't miss your chance to watch this under-seen classic on the big screen via a brand-new digital restoration from Carlotta Films.

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