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Fall in love with Nacho Vigalondo in 13 seconds

Brilliant writer/director and BFF of Alamo/Fantastic Fest Nacho Vigalondo's "Nano Shorts." His latest full length feature EXTRATERRESTRIAL is playing NOW at Alamo South Lamar.

Fall in love with Nacho Vigalondo in 13 seconds

Those who follow the goings on of Fantastic Fest are already aware of this (and likely share our feelings), but for the casual Alamo/FF observer let us say this: We love Nacho Vigalondo. So much. 

The Spanish auteur has been blowing our minds ever since we had the honor of world premiering his brilliant feature debut TIMECRIMES at Fantastic Fest back in 2007.

His latest, EXTRATERRESTRIAL opened at South Lamar this past Friday and will screen at least through this Thurs, 7/19 (and hopefully longer).  It's a more than worthy follow up to the wildly successful TIMECRIMES, but exploring wholly different territory. As the Hollywood reporter writes: "Playing like a little comedy of manners set in an overlooked corner of somebody else's big-budget genre movie…Furthers [Vigalondo's] rep for smart takes on genre pics."

We feel pretty strongly Nacho is a Hollywood superstar waiting to happen. His work just oozes talent and charm. Take for instance the short embedded below. Taken from a series blink-and-you-might-miss-it online shorts, it's 13-second encapsulation of the way that humor, whimsy, and sci-fi all meld together so perfectly in Nacho's work. Watch it. Re-watch it. Explore the rest in series. Share with your friends. Then come see EXTRATERRESTRIAL at Alamo South Lamar.


Here are three more essential but longer format Nacho shorts to further your love affair:





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