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Fair is fair! Kick off Road Rage Drive-In 2012 w/ THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN + Barry Tubb in person!

THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN kicks off our ROAD RAGE DRIVE-IN 2012 series on 11/10! Be there!

Fair is fair! Kick off Road Rage Drive-In 2012 w/ THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN + Barry Tubb in person!

“From now on we're doin' this our way. No lyin', no cheatin', fair is fair.”

Starting this Saturday, November 10th, we kickoff our Road Rage Drive-In 2012 series with one of the quintessential titles from the 1980s, THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN! With special guest Barry Tubb (Hubie) in attendance, recreating the drive-in experience at Spiderwood Studios in Utley, TX will assuredly make this an evening to remember the rest of your life!

THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN is by all accounts more than the sum of its mere parts. A 1980s studio film envisioned as a vehicle to capture the MTV and Generation X crowd, the film proved a disappointment in its initial release, but has since developed a powerful cult following. Billie Jean Davy (Helen Slater) isn’t your average teen and this isn’t your average teen movie – this is a movie about fighting for what’s right, standing up for what you believe in, and rallying against the great big world of lyin’, cheatin’ adults out there. Rising above the limitations of its genre, THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN ceases to be just one among many frivolous or saccharine 80s teen adventure stories that jaded adults will dismiss it as and instead becomes a sincere and compassionate work of art. If you don't believe me, then you haven't seen this film!

Billie Jean and her rough-n-tumble kid brother Binx (Christian Slater in his feature film debut) get mixed up with a local gang of older bullies, who routinely harass Billie Jean and one day thrash Binx’s scooter, his most beloved possession. Attempting to hold the bullies accountable for the $608.00 repair, Billie Jean visits the father of one of the bullies, a local businessman, who happily offers to provide the money for the repair, but wants something entirely untoward in exchange. He advances on Billie Jean, she tries to escape, and Binx accidentally shoots him. From here, Billie Jean, her brother, and their two best friends (Yeardley Smith as Putter – yes, the voice of Lisa Simpson, and Martha Gehman as Ophelia) skip town and in so doing end up inadvertently embodying the spirit of rebellion for a generation of youngsters fed up with living in a world run by adults. Billie Jean sees Otto Preminger’s SAINT JOAN in a crucial sequence, cuts her hair to match Jean Seberg's, and becomes a symbol for children everywhere. This act of self-expression, inspired by cinema itself, empowers Billie Jean's message: Kids aren’t “just kids,” damn it! They are people, too!

A protofeminist and protopunk masterpiece, fueled by its fiercely, unapologetically 80s soundtrack featuring Pat Benatar’s “Invincible” and Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell” to name only a few of the hits on the soundtrack, THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN is one of those films so undeniably special, so extraordinarily well-loved by its cult fan base, that a 35mm screening on this scale is sure to change your life!

THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN plays this Saturday, November 10th, 6:00 PM, at Spiderwood Studios in Utley, TX, just a short drive out of town heading east on TX-71! Join us as we celebrate the power and spirit of teen rebellion, fighting for what is right, and enjoy succulent Franklin Barbecue as you relive the memory of first seeing the film in your youth or seeing it for the first time. Anyone who gets to see BILLIE JEAN for the first time at this 35mm drive-in event, take it from us:  we most wholeheartedly envy you.

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