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Tough Guy Cinema Presents John Woo’s FACE/OFF This April!!

Come see Woo's poetic violence and Nic Cage's insanity collide on the big screen!!

Tough Guy Cinema Presents John Woo’s FACE/OFF This April!!

Maybe you're not familiar with the term "mega acting" but if you've ever been lucky enough to see Nic Cage let loose, you probably have an appreciation for it...and if you don't, it's probably because you don't understand it.

The idea is that it's not overacting but rather an intentional acting choice to be deliberately extreme.

As Nic Cage puts it, "I often refer to it as outside the box, as opposed to over the top. The two things mean the same thing on one hand but one sort of celebrates the idea of breaking free and going into other forms of expression, whether they’re abstract or extreme. The other sort of implies you’re not being truthful to the part, but see, I don’t know how you measure something like that because life can be extreme and life can be mega.”

So yeah, maybe you've seen FACE/OFF, but beyond all the glitz and glamour of John Woo orchestrating a beautiful ballet of violence on his terms with a studio budget, there is a performance that has echoed throughout time.

John Travolta CAN be good in a movie and is really great in this role trying to be Nicolas Cage, but Nic Cage is otherworldly in his role as Castor Troy and Sean Archer in the body of Castor Troy.

If you ever think your life is just fine or good maybe it's time you take a walk on the wild side and turn it up to MEGA with a little Nicolas Cage and LIVE in-theater pyrotechnics as you watch one of the finest performances of our generation.

ALSO RITZ shows will be in spectacular 35MM! (Greg MacLennan)





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