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Exploitation/horror/action filmmaking demigod WILLIAM LUSTIG at The Ritz!

William Lustig invades the Ritz for 3 mind-blowing shows.

Exploitation/horror/action filmmaking demigod WILLIAM LUSTIG at The Ritz!

Tues and Wed at The Ritz!

William Lustig is one of the most fearless filmmakers in exploitation history, and he'll be at the Ritz in person next week for rampaging 35mm screenings of his three most brutal masterpieces!:

MANIAC (1980)
Screening Tuesday at 7PM
Lustig is easily one of our nation’s greatest living filmmakers. His savage action and horror films (VIGILANTE; MANIAC COP) tore through the screen to assault the audience with blood, bullets and sheer hatred burning through every frame. And with this – inarguably his exploitation masterpiece – he plumbs the depths of the cinematic sewers like never before.
Also accountable for the film’s multiple offenses is its titular leading man(iac) Joe Spinell, a deeply talented character actor who makes this the role of his lifetime. If I was the type of guy who used the phrase “tour de force performance,” I’d do it here. His character is a self-loathing, seemingly rabid force of human extermination, a flesh-destroyer whose brain practically boils out of his skull with every human interaction. His world is drowned in perpetual darkness, and he lashes out at anything within reach.
Really, REALLY strong stuff, and featuring the shockingly convincing effects work of Tom Savini…including a particular scene that – when watched on the big screen – will have people doing backflips and/or puking down the front of their shirts. (Zack)

Terror Tuesday: MANIAC COP 2 (1990)
Screening Tuesday at 10PM
Let’s look at the facts: MANIAC COP 2 is quite truly The Greatest '80s Horror-Action Movie Ever Made. Violent, whiplash-paced, supernatural and completely insane. It was written by horror legend Larry Cohen and stars Robert Davi, Robert Z’Dar, Bruce Campbell and even the lady who played the indestructible dancer in THE HIDDEN. You don't need to have seen the previous installment as the basics are quickly recapped and this film definitely stands on its own.
I know it's my job to tell you that movies are good, but this is coming from my heart: DO NOT MISS THIS. Especially because monumental director William Lustig (MANIAC, VIGILANTE) will be there to present it and he's amazing himself. He told the funniest story I've ever heard about making a movie, involving a hospitalized cameraman and a stunt driver wearing blackface in Queens.
But I digress. Here's what I'm gonna do: If you somehow don't LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie and feel like you got ten times your money's worth in entertainment, I will personally refund your admission price from my own damn pocket. And I'm one broke-ass jerk. But I'm a broke-ass jerk with the ultimate confidence in MANIAC COP 2's power to entertain you beyond all reason. This is for real. If you like horror movies or just enjoy having fun in any way, BE THERE TONIGHT. (Zack)

Weird Wednesday: VIGILANTE (1983)
Screening Wednesday at 11:55 PM
Unfairly dismissed as a DEATH WISH ripoff by people who never got past the title and poster, VIGILANTE is a tremendous, gritty masterpiece of revenge cinema. When factory worker Robert Forster’s family is victimized by street criminals, he pursues the legal route through the justice system. But when a corrupt court turns the perpetrators loose he teams up with Fred Williamson’s de facto clean-up crew to drive the scum from the streets. Far more than just a button-pushing exercise in payback, VIGILANTE addresses the real issues, both social and personal, involved in taking the law in our own hands and Forster and Williamson give outstanding performances under the direction of William Lustig. Balance, pacing, action are all perfect here. If the climax of this movie doesn’t have you pumping your fist in excitement, you should see a fist doctor right away. (Lars)

ALL violent! ALL brilliant! ALL cheap as HELL!


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