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Snow-day Suggestions!!

Here are a few movie suggestions for your snowed in experience! 

Snow-day Suggestions!!

Happy SNOWMAGEDDON everyone!!! Since you won’t be able to visit Alamo Drafthouse Kansas City today I wanted to make some suggestions for your snowed-in movie experience! Below are a few films to help you with your snow covered survival and how you can give them that Drafthouse flair!

First up The Thing!!! It doesn’t get much better than Kurt Russell in this tale of Arctic Alien Terror!! Want to make that viewing experience more authentic? Grab those winter coats and open your windows. That arctic bite will add to Carpenter’s tale of terror! Just don't trust your firends, you never know who they really are in these conditions! 

I wouldn’t be the film fan I am today without Stanley Kubrick, so you can bet I’ll be watching The Shining today! The film that made Jack Nicolson a celluloid icon only gets better with a “blood flood” and a glass of Jack’s favorite whiskey! Now, creating that perfect “blood flood” can be hard, and it requires a friend to take a step back from the film to provide that perfect ambiance. Check out this tutorial to help you with your blood bucket creations. 

It’s not a real snow day until you throw in the Star Wars Trilogy! The frigid temperatures and blizzard like conditions make the battle of Hoth that much more exciting!!! Hopefully you visited the grocery store last night, because you’re going to need that extra meat! Now, go dig out that sleeping bag and fill it with those warm meaty delights! This experience will bring you closer to knowing what it feels like to be Luke Skywalker!!


That should get you through the day, but we would love to hear all of your chilling ideas!!! Please let us know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: Please don’t try these at home, if you do PLEASE send us pictures!!! 


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