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EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE! It’s a fact…and also an insanely hilarious Live Show at The Ritz!

eitIf you like having a good time, your life has just been improved by 10,000%.

EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE! are the bona fide internet sensation video collective responsible for some of history's most intriguing viral videos. From the yoga farmer teaching kids to stretch (creepily) to Cat Massage (just what you'd think), these guys are mining the VHS universe for all the best - and worst - bits. This isn't some youtube compilation party. Every video is original, fantastic and fucked up beyond belief. A truly haunting look into America's freakish past!!

Their daily postings of genuinely ridiculous videos and out-of-context movie scenes ripped from old VHS releases have been hailed by MTV, Fox, Time, BoingBoing, Buzzfeed, WFMU, Videogum, Best Week Ever, The Soup, and Jezebel, while the CBC deemed it simply "The best site ever." But what separates EIT from the rest has to be their live show. The group will personally take you by the collective hands on a journey that asks: What if THE NEVERENDING STORY, THE HOLY MOUNTAIN and that weird sex cult scene from EYES WIDE SHUT all got together and made a baby? Now multiply that by a thousand and you're still nowhere near the feeling of pleasure it brings. Your face will probably melt off, so come prepared with an extra face...

Tickets to this once-in-a-lifetime brain-fryer are CHEAP! Get 'em HERE!

AND... while you're at it, gird your loins for next Wednesday's completely insane VIVA VHS!, a life-mangling celebration of the most impossibly outrageous slivers of VHS impossibility, all lost in the Great VHS/DVD War until now, where they'll be uncovered in a blazing lazer tornado of ridiculously powerful entertainment! Don't believe it? BELIEVE IT.

Cheap-as-dirt VIVA VHS tickets are HERE!


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