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Oh man! We knew ENTER THE VOID was awesome. But we didn't know just how awesome it is! This movie is two hours and forty minutes of insanity, a barrage of colors, emotions, and nihilistic spiritualism that creates mass-hallucinations. After our first screening this past Sunday (aided in some part by the copious amount of absinthe we consumed), we were in a stupor, amazed at the power of this movie. We knew we weren't going to part with this with only one more screening!

So we decided to hold the film for one more week, playing at the Village Monday-Thursday at 10:20pm. In case you missed it at the Ritz or can't go Saturday for our matinee, you've got four more chances to see one of the greatest films of the year. It's beautiful, it's amazing, it's shocking, and it's unforgettable.

You can read more about ENTER THE VOID here, or you can just stop stalling and buy your tickets already.


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