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nemesis-webJason Neulander's live-action/radio-drama/comic- book explosion THE INTERGALACTIC NEMESIS crashed onto the Austin theater scene with the force of 8,000 galactic-throat-punches that left every critic in town with only three words to say- "go see it." Based on the comic book of the same name, Nuelander's crew (including Alamo Foleyvision extraordinaire Buzz Moran!) would perform all the dialogue and sound effects live in the theater to riotous effect.  But there was one thing really missing...the visuals.  Tim Doyle's lush illustrations took a back seat to the spectacle of the performances on stage.

Not anymore...

In classic radio serial fashion, Jason Neulander presents THE INTERGALACTIC Living Comic Book!  In front of select first run films at the Alamo, the NEMESIS theater troop will, for your viewing pleasure, perform a live 10 minute episode installment of the story with the comic-book panels projected on screen!!

In front of select shows of DAYBREAKERS (which opens this Friday at the Village), enjoy Episode 1: Mystery at Kradmoor! (Three shows only!  Get your tickets here!) These shows will cost $1 extra, but after you see why, you'll know how much of a bargain it is!

Stay tuned for Episode 2 in front of WOLFMAN! Coming this February...

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