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ENDHIRAN: THE ROBOT is ridiculous, insane and great

Like most people, our first awareness of ENDHIRAN: THE ROBOT came via this YouTube post.

In just 589 ridiculous, CGI-laden seconds, we were hooked. We knew we had to have the movie. The American distributors were a little surprised to hear that a mainstream theater was interested in the film but after a wary negotiation, we got it, all 9 reels of it. It's now playing at the Alamo South Lamar.

For us it was just business as usual, keeping our eyes open and finding cool things for our audience. We hadn't realized it was newsworthy, but WIRED thought it was, so much so that they wrote it up today, with quotes from Alamo honcho Tim League and links to other Bollywood (and Kollywood: note the difference) excess.

We even got an unexpectedly glowing review from the Austin Chronicle, whose Marc Savlov called it the "best apocalyptic sci-fi-romcom-melodrama-dance-off date movie of the year." In your face, Bieber!

As if all that weren't enough, the US Official site of the movie is like a trip back to 2002, in a good way. Don't miss the "Press Section." Most people have to eat lead paint to see such wondrous sights! I especially like the fact that the robot is powered by Pentium. I wonder if it has a hotmail account and a CD-ROM.

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