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Encore of TOTAL BADASS at the Village this Sunday

A few months ago, we had filmmaker Bob Ray to the Alamo to present his newest film, TOTAL BADASS. It was fantastic having this Austin-based director premiere his new work, the film about Austin's most depraved citizen, Chad Holt.  This documentary takes what is possibly the sleaziest subject to ever come out of Austin and it creates something both hilarious and touching.  Holt is showed in all of his glory - is that the right word? - and while Ray doesn't hold back, he also doesn't judge.  The underground is brought to full view and we can laugh and cringe until it goes back down.

And now, we're excited to bring the film back to the Alamo for an encore presentation. If you accidentally missed seeing the film a few months ago, now you can make it up to yourself and your loved ones by coming to the Village this Sunday at 10pm. ABSOLUTELY ONE NIGHT ONLY!!

Our Austin critics were crazy about this subterranean documentary when it played in town. Richard Whittaker of the Austin Chronicle writes, “TOTAL BADASS is a rough film, and that's a good thing: Holt comes across like a lost John Waters' collaborator, or like a real-life version of Nicolas Cage in BAD LIEUTENANT: PORT OF CALL NEW ORLEANS.” “Holt is a modern day Texas punk rock version of a Kerouac character," writes Eric Swanson in Austin Daze, "speeding through life on whatever fuels him in a non-stop flurry of writing, drug dealing, singing, stage diving, love making, and guinea pig raising.”

During its short run in New York, Michael Atkinson of the Village Voice had a chance to review the film. His description is reason enough to get your ticket: "TOTAL BADASS chronicles the life of notorious Austin reprobate and chemical hog Chad Holt, who lives in a friend’s garage, sells weed (on camera), fronts punk bands, puts out a freebie magazine packed with his Hunter Thompson–esque memoirs of sexual sleaze and dope consumption, and generally lives as if he’s an artist pursuing a vision when in reality he’s the city’s most complete fuckup." In the New York Times, Mike Hale says, "TOTAL BADASS is...a working-poor man’s cross of Frederick Wiseman and Hunter S. Thompson." Also from New York, Flavorpill gives its endorsement, saying that TOTAL BADASS "bravely goes where no documentary film has gone before.”

So if you're feeling a little too clean, or just want to get to know a scene in Austin that your parents don't want you to get involved in, get over to the Village Sunday night.  Just bring some hand sanitizer.

Get your tickets for this show now. Sunday, December 19, at 10pm, @Village.

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