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Enchanted will rock… or my ass is grass.

I've been taking a little heat in the office this week. We had a choice of several movies to open at South Lamar on Thanksgiving weekend, and other than my like-minded pal Zack, everyone recommended that we choose something other than Enchanted. I like to get input from lots of folks and make a wise decision based on all the factors. In this case, I flipped-off the stick-in-the-mud naysayers, and listened only to Zack and the little princess in my heart. Damn it all, we're playing Enchanted, end of discussion.

I just revised the web listing for Enchanted from the stock Disney synopsis and have replaced it with a heartfelt call to action. I have this gut-level feeling (as well as hearing it from reliable snooping spies) that Enchanted is going to be this season's rager! The frat-boy equivalent of a keg party for your eyes.

"A lot of you folks might at first glance scoff at this movie, writing it off as silly kids stuff. The first time I actually watched the trailer, however, I fell in love with this movie (please, please turn off your cynicism and watch it, it's embedded just to the right on this page). Early reports are coming back that ENCHANTED is genius; fun for kids, but amazingly fun for adults. The normally heavily-starched Disney is poking fun at itself, tearing through it's cliches and it's long legacy of schmaltzy fairy tales. Turning conventions on end, ENCHANTED delivers not only a straight ahead comfort-food-for-the-eyes storybook fantasy, but it set within the crazy construct that animated fantasy characters have ripped through a time-space portal into our world and have a really hard time fitting in. And Susan Sarandon plays an evil wicked witch who turns into a dragon that terrorizes Manhattan. I'm not sure if there is a casting agent prize at the Oscars, but someone should trump something up and deliver a statue to whoever was responsible for that.

Mark my word, this is going to be a crazy, old-fashioned romp of a good time at the Alamo. If you can't let yourself slide in and enjoy this silliness, you need to stop working so hard, let down your guard, and drink a couple pints with us (adults only please). Let's have some fun, ENCHANTED style." (Tim League, founder, Alamo Drafthouse)

Tickets are on sale now for the first couple of days of Enchanted. I for one plan to be there on opening night, maybe dressed as a princess. Zack and I will see you there.

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