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Earn $20 in Alamo food and drinks when you buy GIFT CARDS for your friends, loved ones, and random s

Yes, it's that time of year again. Crowd, shopping, lugging the presents around - Elizabeth Montgomery loves it!

This year we're doing something new from last year and the year before that, though - not only do our gift cards no longer have any expiration dates or hidden fees of any kind, but for every $100 you spend on gift cards we're giving back a $20 Alamo food and drink voucher that you get to keep for yourself.

That $20 will be yours to keep and spend on yourself at any Alamo Drafthouse between January 3 and February 28, 2011, and while it technically has no cash value and you won't get change back if you don't spend the whole thing, it WILL give you a happy holiday feeling well into those dreary months where we're all wondering why it's still cold now that Christmas and New Year's Eve are over.

No expiration dates. No fees. And $20 back for you with every $100 you spend. This is definitely the year to make an investment in freedom with Alamo Gift Cards. They make great stocking stuffers, they're fabulous Festivus presents, and they've even been known to brighten the mood of grumpy Atheists who hate the holiday season. They're sure to be a part of the perfect gift for anyone on any of your list, too.

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