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Drive opens today!

The hotly anticipated, buzzworthy film opened today at Ritz and Lake Creek!


Drive opens today!

A few months ago, we started running a trailer that immediately grabbed our attention. Sure, we were already pretty impressed by Ryan Gosling from his turns in the indies BLUE VALENTINE and HALF NELSON, but now here he was on screen seeming all Steve McQueen-y as a race car/stunt/getaway driver caught up in sordid gangster business and some sort of illicit love affair. "Mmm, Ryan Gosling heist movie, could be promising," we casually thought at first. But then -- maybe somewhere between glimpses of the the slo-mo elevator kiss/gangster stomping, the flashes of actors we love (Albert Brooks as a bad guy! Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston! Mad Men's Christina Hendricks! Ron Perlman!), and  the threatening of a dude with a bullet and a hammer -- we were totally hooked and hotly anticipating the day DRIVE would hit screens. Well friends, that day is finally here.

And, judging by the critical response, it seems DRIVE has been living up to its exciting promise. Not only did director Nicolas Winding Refn (director of the bruising BRONSON but not exactly a household name in the States. Yet.) won the top directing prize at Cannes this year, but the critical buzz on the film has been uniformly enthusiastic.  Here's a sampling:

"Something new and thrumming with life, a movie about detachment that has an intoxicating staying power." - Katey Rich,

"Refn creates a fever dream that sucks you in… it's pure cinema, a grenade of image and sound ready to blow." - Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

"Here is still another illustration of the old Hollywood noir principle that a movie lives its life not through its hero, but within its shadows." - Roger Ebert

"Drive revels in sensory detail; it's a visually and aurally edgy Euro-influenced American genre movie about the coolness of noir-influenced American genre movies about the coolness of driving - especially in L.A." - Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly

But, if the critical praise doesn't move you, well then, just watch the amazing trailer again… Yeah, that's how we felt too. Go head and buy your tickets here

DRIVE is now playing at Ritz and Lake Creek

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