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Drink (and eat) up, me hearties! Yo ho! It’s the Pirates of the Carribbean 4 FEAST!

Hold on to yer eye patches and hollow out your peg legs, cinemateys, Johnny Depp is back with a new PIRATES movie and Alamo Chef Chris Kincaid has dreamed up a brand new, Caribbean-themed FEAST!

Drink (and eat) up, me hearties! Yo ho! It’s the Pirates of the Carribbean 4 FEAST!

Weds, May 25 @ 7:00 - Alamo South Lamar
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Hold on to yer eye patches and raise yer colors, lads and lasses of the piratical persuasion!  Johnny Depp is back in full Cap'n Jack mode with a brand new installment of the stalwart PIRATES franchise. Word is, too, this fourth(!) outing could be one of the best yet, ditching some of those complicated subplots of 2 & 3 and bringing us more full-on Jack action -- and that's bound to be a good thing.

Of course, it being the occassion of the release of one of argh (sorry) favorite blockbuster franchises calls for much celebrating in Alamo-land and, of course, a FEAST! And yer going to want to hollow out yer peg legs for this one, cinemateys. Alamo Chef Chris Kincaid has created a ship's stores-depleting menu of decadent carribbean-inspired tastiness that's (thankfully) leagues away from the actual diet of pirates (ye know, mostly shoe leather and rum). Lay yer weary eyes on the menu below!

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- Mango and shrimp ceviche

Jerk Cho Cho Salad
- Boggy Creek greens and chayote tossed in a papaya vinaigrette 

- Plantain stuffed with spiced beef in a green curry

Red chile Belacan Red Fish
- Snapper wrapped and grilled in bannana leaf, jasmine rice and baby bok choy

Pirate cake
- Pineapple angel food cake carmelized bannana and whipped coconut rum cream

Tickets are $65 and include drink pairings (not listed here). Does not include gratuity.


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