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Drafthouse Films teams with Timpson & Magnet for ABCs OF DEATH!

Drafthouse Films, Timpson Films and Magnet Releasing are teaming to produce "The ABCs of Death," a 26-chapter anthology film that 25 established horror directors -- plus a contest winner -- will direct.

Drafthouse Films teams with Timpson & Magnet for ABCs OF DEATH!

While filmmakers and film lovers alike flock to Cannes for the week to see completed projects, we apparently can't stop starting new ones! Our own distribution chapter, Drafthouse Films has teamed up with our good pal from New Zealand, Ant Timpson (and his own Timpson Films), as well as a company thats released some of our favorite films to date, Magnet Releasing, to launch a project that is sure to blow the minds of horror fans all over the world.

The project? A single, 26-chapter, feature film. Each chapter has it's own director. Each chapter has it's own letter of the alphabet. Each letter corresponds to some form of death. Basically, we're looking at 26 gruesome, bizarre, funny ways to die.

Jeff Snider at Variety lists some of the directors already signed on to be part of this grand project. Directors include Jason Eisener ("Hobo With A Shotgun"), Nacho Vigalondo ("TimeCrimes"), Ti West ("The House of the Devil"), Srdjan Spasojevic ("A Serbian Film"), Angela Bettis ("Roman") and Ben Wheatley ("The Kill List").

Only 25 of the participants will be established directors. The 26th will be the winner of a yet to be determined filmmaking competition. Alamo Drafthouse CEO/Founder Tim League and Timpson Films CEO Ant Timpson will co-produce the ambitious project, which Magnolia Intl. will handle international sales for.

"The ABCs of Death offers us a chance to work closely with a large number of visionary filmmakers to create a film with more jaw-dropping moments than a whole summer of blockbusters." - Tim League

For more information, as well as additional directors already on the film, and Ant Timpson's inspiration for the project, head over to Variety to read the full exclusive story.


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