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Drafthouse Films’ PIETA Is Available On VOD And iTunes Today!

You can see the haunting thriller from Kim Ki-Duk right now.

Drafthouse Films’ PIETA Is Available On VOD And iTunes Today!

Drafthouse Films' Pieta, the riveting mystery from Korean director Kim Ki-Duk in which a loan shark's world is turned askew after a woman claiming to be his estranged mother appears, has received tremendous praise from critics and festival audiences alike, and now you can see for yourself!

The film is available on iTunes and VOD platforms as of today. Pieta is intense and meaningful, a film you won't want to miss. Read some of the raves: 

"A curiously engaging and wickedly twisted tale of crime and punishment on multiple levels, displays its theatrical minimalism like a dour badge of honor." - indieWire

"A painful, melancholic ode to the human condition, clinched by a mournful final song." - THR

"This tidy, ultimately moving thriller about a loan shark who meets a woman claiming to be his mother offers up the director’s vintage blend of cruelty, wit and moral complexity." - Variety

"Kim is capable of creating work that disturbs and troubles and finds beauty in unexpected places. This is one of those films." - Twitch Film


And the beautiful  poster you see at the top of this post is the official one-sheet for Pieta, created by Mondo artist Jay Shaw. It's a limited edition 18"x24" Mondo screenprint, and it's on sale TODAY for $24.99. Get it here, and make sure you catch Pieta on iTunes or VOD while it's available. 


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