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Drafthouse Films Acquires Cannes Competition Film BORGMAN

From its red carpet World Premiere last week to the 2014 Drafthouse Films release slate.

Drafthouse Films Acquires Cannes Competition Film BORGMAN

Today we announce the exciting acquisition of bizarro, dark comedy/thriller Borgman just over a week from its red carpet premiere at Cannes. Directed by Alex van Warmerdam, the award-winning autuer behind Grimm (2003) and Abel (1986), Borgman is the first Dutch film in Cannes competition in almost 40 years. 

Like Yorgos Lanthimos’ Dogtooth and Michael Haneke’s Funny Games, the film is an allegorical tale exploring the nature of evil in unexpected places. A vagrant enters the lives of an upper-class family, igniting a descent from darkly comic dream to maddening psychological nightmare. “I wanted to show evil through the abnormal behaviour of normal people," Warmerdam said at the official Cannes press conference, "the kind that you can come across in the street."

According to our founder Tim League, at least once a year during the fest he is he deluged after a premiere with texts and emails to the effect of "this is such a Drafthouse movie." And Borgman was that film. Its strange, disturbing, hysterical and utterly unique. "Its THE quintessential Drafthouse film of Cannes," League said in our official announcement. 

Borgman created a stir of buzz and shocked Cannes audiences. The Los Angeles Times suggested that it was this year's Holy Motors of the Cannes official selection lineup while The Wrap praised it as “one of the rare movies that manages to find something entirely new to say." For Jessica Kiang at The Playlist the film “never ceases to twist, turn and surprise…Borgman is the trickster god in this year’s Cannes competition pantheon."

The film is set for release in 2014 and Films We Like in Toronto will handle distribution in Canada.

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