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DR. STRANGELOVE Never Looked So Good, At Village All Week!

Sony, a company on the forefront of the digital revolution in film preservation and restoration, has recently released their comprehensive fix-up and sprucing of DR. STRANGELOVE, the legendary black comedy from director Stanley Kubrick. This is the first ever 4K restoration of a black and white film, and the result is startling and gorgeous. We're very excited to premiere this new digital print in Austin for one week of 7pm screenings at the Village.

Their project website details why DR. STRANGELOVE needed this digital restoration love, and some of the technical innovations brought on by the project:

"Through over-printing and damage created at the time of initial release, the negative of Stanley Kubrick’s Cold War black comedy DR. STRANGELOVE or: HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BOMB was destroyed at the laboratory over forty years ago.

Chemical stains, scratches and dirt were either printed into, or physically embedded into, all existing film elements. After examination and testing, it was determined the best elements for the restoration were a 35mm fine-grain master positive, a 35mm duplicate negative and a 35mm print. Each element represented a different manufacturing generation from the original camera negative, resulting in wide variations in density and contrast.

It was felt that the only way to restore the film correctly, given the many different elements, their poor condition, and the need to maintain the filmmakers’ aesthetic intentions, was to use a complete 4K digital workflow."

You can read the rest of the story and some of the technical details here.

You don't need to take their word for it. The images of the restoration speak for themselves:

As these before/after photos demonstrate, we're going to be presenting a spotless picture this week. Unless you were hip back in 1964, you will have never seen this movie look so good, so crisp, or so bright. And this is very important. As many of you witnessed firsthand at our screenings of THE SHINING last month, it is important to see a Stanley Kubrick movie on the big screen, where every little detail comes to life. Kubrick is a master filmmaker who used the screen unlike anyone since, and you'll be seeing DR. STRANGELOVE like you've never seen it before.

Do not miss this opportunity to to see this hilarious, pitch-black comedy. Starring Peter Sellers as three equally zany characters, and George C. Scott as Buck Turgidson the maniac warmonger.

Stop worrying and love the bomb: Monday 11/15-Thursday 11/18 at 7pm @Village.


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