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Door to Door Rocking, April 1

We at the Alamo are longtime fans of Karaoke in all forms.  We’ve incorporated it into our Fantastic Fest branding (see our free Karaoke Apocalypse party during SXSW), have hosted karaoke parties all over the world, and can be seen at all the local karaoke haunts in Austin several times a month.

In one of our beer-fueled programming meetings, however, we may have just stumbled upon the next frontier of the karaoke experience.  On April Fools Day we are proud to introduce RENEGADE KARAOKE, a mobile karaoke bar where you choose the location of your song.   Attendees can sign up in advance with their song choice and a physical address where the song needs to be sung.  At 6:00 PM on April 1, we will be boarding a charter bus with a generator-powered remote karaoke system and delivering our songs to specific recipients all over town.  Want to win your sweetheart back John Cusack style?  Have a heavy message for your former boss?  Have you told your mother that you loved her recently?  Tell that special person your special message in their own front yard.  Think of it as unexpected off-season non-denominational caroling.

A note: even though this event is scheduled on April Fools Day, it is not a joke (well it is, but we ARE actually doing this).

The rules:
Your address must be no more than 5 miles from downtown Austin.   Your address must be charter bus accessible and must have a spot for the charter bus to stop.

We’ll have beer on the bus and we’ll stay on the road long enough for everyone who wants to sing to get the chance.

Also, before the bus rolls out of the parking lot, we’ll spend 30 minutes learning a choreographed finale song involving all of the attendees.   We have room on the bus for 16 singers and 22 duet/trio partners or spectators.  If you want to sing, please email your song choice and the physical address where you want to sing to Zack.   A member of the RENEGADE KARAOKE team will follow up with you to confirm the details prior to the event.

The cost per person is $35.   With such a low ticket count, this event will very likely sell out very quickly, so if you want to rock door to door, get your tickets soon!

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