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Don’t Just Watch the movie… live it, Rocky style!

What many critics thought was going to be a joke, has turned out to be the surprise hit of the holiday season. Lavished with praise by the nation's top film critics, ROCKY BALBOA rekindles all of the warmth and magic of the first film. I personally couldn' t recommend it higher. Also, you have one day left to enjoy one of our best promotions of the year. We are always trying to immerse the audience in the movie experience, and for Rocky that means punching 300 lb slabs of beef in the lobby. Come to the 7:35 or 10:10 screenings of Rocky Balboa on Saturday, December 23, and you'll have a chance to train like the champ, by driving your fists into raw beef. We also have Philly food specials, and at select shows, a raw egg drinking contest. Plus onscreen - see all 5 montages as well as the 5 film trailers from the previous movies.

Photos from the opening night

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