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Woof Woof Woof! The Everything is Terrible! Crew are back with a new movie that's gonna blow your mindz!


Woof Woof Woof! Hey Austin - you know how you pride yourself on being “weird” and supporting the underdog?  Well, what better way to put your weird money where your weird mouth is than snagging tickets to these doggone fantastically bizarre shows where of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s 1973 masterpiece THE HOLY MOUNTAIN is remade shot for shot with footage from cinema’s best canines! 

Yes, the cool puppies behind Everything is Terrible are back on the road again traveling the country showing off their latest feature presentation packed full of new tricks: DOGGIE WOGGIEZ! POOCHIE WOOCHIEZ! Having dominated the internet with their found VHS treasures that they lovingly cut up into transcendent ironic awesomeness, EiT are back for the attack and appearing LIVE in our fair city... Maybe you’ve seen the breakout clips of the cat massage or the yellow pedophile huntin' dinosaur or any of the daily treats the collective churns out week after week.  Maybe you’ve seen their other feature length movies at the Alamo before?  Maybe you’ve never heard of them but love THE HOLY MOUNTAIN.  No matter what, the prudent decision is to get tickets to these super special shows!

The mind-melting assemblage that is DOGGIE WOGGIEZ! POOCHIE WOOCHIEZ! features over 3,000 clips of dancing Siberian Huskies wearing sunglasses, Weimaraners dressed like they have human jobs, pooches on skateboards, Air Buds and even Cuba Gooding Jr all mashed together in a KRAZY way.   BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! The pups of EIT will also pull out all the stops with their LIVE show featuring amazing theatrics that must be seen to believed. It’ll make your tail wag!  

Come experience the joyful insanity of the latest, greatest and most psychedelic found footage production from Everything Is Terrible – DOGGIE WOGGIEZ! POOCHIE WOOCHIEZ!  We are so energized about this show we’ve got TWO screenings: One at the Ritz on the 27th ,and one at the Village on the 28th!  Get your paws on some tickets HERE!

Note: We reserve the right to refuse service to Dogcatchers at either screening.  

Feast your shade-covered eyes on this sneak peek!

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