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DO IT AGAIN: One man’s mission to reunite The Kinks

Some guys buy a fancy sports car (lame). Some chase after women far too young for them (double lame, and skeezy). Others get hair plugs (absurdly lame, and gross). But Boston journalist Geoff Edgers found a much less tacky and vastly more interesting outlet for his mid-life crisis: He set out on a mission to reunite his favorite band, long dormant British rockers The Kinks. Fellow Bostonian and filmmaker Robert Patton-Spruill went along for the ride. The resulting film, DO IT AGAIN, makes its Austin premiere at Music Monday on Nov 8.

Reuniting The Kinks is a daunting task, especially since Geoff is an American, a journalist (not some music industry mogul), and his only connection to founding members Ray and Dave Davies is that he grew up loving their music. It also doesn't help that the Davies brothers have been feuding since, well, forever. On his coast-to-coast quest, Edgers meets up with such notable Kinks fans as Sting, Zooey Deschanel, REM's Peter Buck, Paul Weller, Robyn Hitchcock and Clive Davis. He interviews them.  He also makes them sing Kinks songs with him.

But does Edgers succeed in his grand mission? Well, let's just say it's a good thing he didn't quit his day job to become a full-time band re-uniter. Still, DO IT AGAIN is, as Stuart Nusbaumer of the Huffington Post writes, "a hilarious romp and clever distraction from a crumbling America and the middle class barbecue. In fact, this film is more. Like a sneaky octopus, it wraps you up, and when squeezing the laughter out of you, out flies a picture of your life."

It's also one helluva Valentine to one of the greatest bands who ever rocked the earth.

Tickets available here

At the show, we'll have some of those groovy posters for the film pictured up there available for sale and a few lucky raffle winners will get one for free!

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