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Divine Offerings

See the new documentary about the outrageous icon, plus one John Waters classic!

Divine Offerings

There is no one quite like Divine.

Born Glenn Milstead and christened Divine in front of John Waters' camera, Divine became an icon of "bad taste", but was so much more than that. The first time any of us came across that image of him in PINK FLAMINGOS, we couldn't help but feel the stirrings of how sublime filth could be.

The week of November 4th we are thrilled to express our love for Divine - first with a screening of the brand new documentary I AM DIVINE on 11/4, then later that week with a 35mm film screening of POLYESTER on 11/7.

The documentary features interviews with those who knew him best, and is filled with amazing stories about the screen and stage persona of Divine, which was strikingly different from the once-bullied, shy kid Glenn.

With POLYESTER, we find a decidedly cleaned-up verson of Divine, this time surrounded by transgression rather than being the enforcer of it. We know we'll be walking around quoting it for weeks to come! "I never wanted to use macramé to kill!"


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