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Dispatch From Fantastic Arcade Day Two

John Gross gives us more daily happenings at Fantastic Arcade.

Dispatch From Fantastic Arcade Day Two

A great deal about the state of indie games and the human condition in general was revealed at yesterday’s Day One of Fantastic Arcade 2011.  The verdict is that we, the human race, are going to be all right.  Young men from the Netherlands are going to keep on making super-fun games with the simple objective of getting weapons from boxes and that Sony Playstation is still going to be the king of third person shooters.  One critic of yesterday wondered “Why is Fantastic Arcade so much fun?  Why is it so awesome?  It makes me upset that there are so many hours of uninterrupted entertainment here.  I’m angry at life.  The smiles at Fantastic Arcade send me into a storm of rage.”  We kicked this critic to the curb because he was distracting a pair of people who were playing JESUS VS. DINOSAURS.
If you want to see the cutting edge of what is happening in the gaming world – you know what to do.

11– 8    Free Play!
Anyone can play anything!  That means you!  Been hearing about that one game that is like SNAKE meets CRAZY TAXI on LSD?  Now’s your chance to experience it for yourself!

1- 2         PlayStation Network Developer Panel
Here, game creators talk about working in and out of the gaming industry. Panelists include Queasy Games (SOUND SHAPES), thatgamecompany (JOURNEY, FLOWER, FLOW, CLOUD) and Q-Games (PIXEL JUNK) to name a few.

2-3         Director's Commentary: THEY BLEED PIXELS
This is one of the most popular and fun games and this year’s fest.   Here, the developers discuss the game’s art, character, story and gameplay.  This game is installed on almost 20 Alienware high speed gaming laptops and is ready to entertain you. 

3-4          Director's Commentary: LOST MARS
This iPad game got a ton of fan attention yesterday because frankly- people love jetpacks.  The developer will take the Highball stage and dig into the hard work that went into making the game a hit! The game is up and running right now so come down and play it for yourself!

4-5           SERIOUS SAM Goes Indie
Hear all about the development of Serious Sam: The Random Encounter, complete with the World Premiere unveiling of the game!  Booyah!

5-6          Director's Commentary: FARAWAY
This game has one button that controls a shooting star and is crazy addictive. Once you’ve tasted the joy of forming constellations you are hooked.

6-9         Fantastic Arcade Happy Hour and Tournament - JESUS VS. DINOSAURS/ VIKINGS ON TRAMPOLINES
You can’t argue with cheap drinks.  Shiner Oktoberfest has been my official beverage jam of the fest so far and I don’t foresee this changing unless they run out of kegs. 

JESUS VS. DINOSAURS  is one of the best head to head games ever and the only game ever that has Darwin and God hanging from ropes.  Get lots of free practice all day long and then sign up to take home super amazing prizes!
VIKINGS ON TRAMPOLINES – this game is just what it sounds like- pure uninhibited fun.  Because, hey: it’s Vikings jumping on trampolines.  The first time this game will be able to be played will be on the big screen as part of the tourney and you better believe folks are excited about this. 


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