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Dispatch From Fantastic Arcade Day Three

John Gross tunes you into what's happening over at the Highball on Day Three of Fantastic Arcade.

Dispatch From Fantastic Arcade Day Three

Big day at Fantastic Arcade today.  If you are attending the fest and haven’t made your way to the Highball ballroom floor to explore the current state of indie-gaming you are not doing the fest right.   For real.  In addition to countless brand new games from Playstation, we've got free vintage arcade games,  a lo-fi rainbow of indie games from around the world and twenty Alienware lappys decked out with enough joyous pixilated games to make you freak the frack out.  If you make a pass through the room, play a few games and leave with a frown on your face , then you, sir, are a bona fide grouch.
In addition to the crazy-fun free games we are hosting several events on the main stage showcasing a hybrid of everything that is awesome in the state of the indie scene.

12-1pm  Live music from electro-wizard Robin Arnott. 
Robin is the wild man who is showcasing his game Deep Sea, a game that puts a blacked out gas mask on the player, gives them a joy stick and sets them loose on an AUDIO video game.  This is the must play.  You can’t play this on your flatscreen or iPhone.  This is an arcade only experience.  ANYWAY- Tobin is going to be debuting his latest interactive audio/visual happening SYNAPSE.  Think if the Flaming Lips kidnapped Dan Deacon and hitchhiked to Burning Man.

1-2pm Storytelling and Development in Videogames & Film
A Panel Discussion featuring Fantastic Fest all-star and honorary Gnarles Barkley member Nacho Villalongo and Eugenio Mira from the film side of things and the fine folks who helped develop Playstation’s upcoming STARHAWK – Lightbox Interactive. To top this talk off- we have a special guest moderator…. Comedian Kumail Nanjiani from the amazing podcast THE INDOOR KIDS.

2-3pm Director’s Commentary:  BIT PILOT
Zach Cage creator of the 8-bit iPad game BIT PILOT talks us through his wildly addictive game, which is so far the best reason to purchase an iPad that I’ve encountered.

3-4pm Director’s Commentary: DYAD
This is essentially an abstract racing game and it is simply mesmerizing. See the hypnotic game played on the big screen and hear the developers talk about all the psychedelic awesomeness that went into game which comes out soon on Playstation Network.

4-5pm Director’s Commentary:  RADICAL FISHING
YES! A Netherlands Beavis and Butthead team of brilliant designers have finally come up with a game that is as fun as it is twisted that happens to involved fishing and guns!  We’ve seen a panel discussion from these fine young men before and the bar has been set high.  Don’t miss this.

5-6pm Director’s Commentary: SKULLS OF SHOGUN
Deemed the best strategy game ever by people that love strategy games everywhere – this Final Fantasy with samurai dead is way more fun than chess! Walk through the saga of its creation with developer Ben Vance.

6-7pm Midas Green Tech Demonstration
These Austin based innovators will be showing off their server cooling technology in which they submerge the servers in a cool watery goop to save on cooling energy.  Yes, you can stick your finger in it.  Learn all about this brilliant ‘why didn’t I think of that’ idea. Read more here.

6-8:30pm Fantastic Arcade Happy Hour and Tournament featuring BIT PILOT!
There is a full Saturday for you.  We have plenty of controllers and plenty of screens for you so come play STARHAWK, FRACT, FEZ, RETRO/GRADE and SO MUCH MORE!


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