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Dispatch From Fantastic Arcade Day Four

John Gross brings you the details on the final day of the world's coolest (and free-est!) gaming festival.

Dispatch From Fantastic Arcade Day Four

After today, The Highball will have a significantly different vibe for the remainder of Fantastic Fest. All the familiar sounds that you’ve come to know and love while trying to find a place to talk about how great the Charles Edward Cheese Band was, will be eerily gone. The gratuitous 80’s 8-bit blips, the lush modern soundscapes, the dinging bells and the clicking of GUITAR HERO controllers--which, by the way, are being used to fly spaceships backwards through time--will be gone.  Sniff sniff.  So come and enjoy them all in their weirdo glory today from 11-8 where all of the games are free free FREE.
The Arcade is being sent off in style with tonight’s second Annual STARCADE tournament  hosted by Wiley Wiggins and the miraculously still living Tim League. This is a game show infused with trivia and old school gaming that is not to be missed.

12:30-1pm Director’s Commentary: BANKERS DOZEN
Travel sOooooOOOOo fast through space that you age ever so and back on earth your bank account  grows and grows!  Playing this game has taught me an awful lot about economics and aeronautics alike!  I have a feeling that the time-traveling financier genre of games is really going to take off before too long.

1-2pm Director’s Commentary: JESUS VS DINOSAURS
Yes! Darwin builds Dino cars and God builds Jesuses (Jesi?)  YESSS! Play this game because it is amazing! 

2-3pm Live Music

The OWLBOY composer will be on hand with accompaniment playing selections from the game’s lavish soundtrack.

3-4pm Director’s Commentary: OCTODAD
Loving father. Caring husband.  Secret octopus!  The team of Chicagoans who created this irreverent and engaging game are going to try to talk about what all went into the game’s creation and the future of their upcoming sequel, but odds are the crowd will just be mesmerized by the impeccable handlebar mustache of one of the handlers.

4-5pm Director’s Commentary:  FEZ
This Canadian puzzle game has real gusto, real spunk.  It’s a puzzle game with a fresh spin that has swarms of people bidding for a chance to get their hands on it.   Developer Phil Fish will walk us through the games evolution and tease at what is next!

Once a great television show from the 80’s, now a great closing night tradition of Fantastic Arcade.  Grab a happy hour beverage and revel in the silly fun as we celebrate the successful end of a great Arcade. 


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