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Dispatch From Fantastic Arcade

John Gross will bring you the daily Highball happenings of this year's gaming mecca!

Dispatch From Fantastic Arcade

The aural atmosphere at Fantastic Arcade is stunning to behold. Close your eyes and imagine an audio collage of circuit bent Tetris soundtracks, bleeps, bloops, and a batshit-crazy fisherman shooting new species with a pixilated shotgun. It's pleasant, isn't it? Now open those eyes and come to The Highball!  Yes, once again, The Highball’s dancefloor has been overrun with the glory of trippy and bizarre new video games.  In addition to a surplus of high speed gaming Alienware laptops, there are full-on arcade cabinets equipped with indie games from around the world and over thirty giant flat panel TV screens decked out with the hottest game of next year:  Playstation’s STARHAWK!

Come sip on a local brew and get your hands on STARHAWK before the rest of the world, all those poor suckers who aren't lucky enough to live in Austin where there is a FREE, OPEN TO THE PUBLIC alternative gaming festival happening today through Sunday!  That’s right--no need for a badge with a shaky face on it,  just bring yourself and an open mind to explore what it's like to be an octopus masquerading as a suburban father. Yep.  You must learn.

Free gameplay on over thirty mind-blowing indie games is open from 11-8 today.
5-8p  PlayStation Network Opening Day Happy Hour.  Cheap drinks!  Elbow rubbing!  BUT NO SPILLING DRINKS ON ELECTRONICS, OK GUYS?
6- 8p  STARHAWK Tourney - Registration begins at 4:00PM and ends 5:45PM. Sweet prizes and sweeter gamer glory! The multiplayer on this game is going to blow your mind.
8- 9p  Fantastic Arcade Happy Hour and SUPER CRATE BOX Tournament - Players ready by 7:45.  This game is amazingly fun.  The initial simplicity quickly becomes fast-paced insanity.  This is a must play at Fantastic Arcade, even if you don’t enter the tourney.

I'll be bringing you daily updates for all the Fantastic Arcade madness you can expect, so tune in to the blog daily and follow us on Twitter and Facebook!


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