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Discover a forgotten classic with a rare VHS screening of CAST A DEADLY SPELL this Tuesday

H.P. Lovecraft. Crime noir. Fred Ward. What more could you want? 

Discover a forgotten classic with a rare VHS screening of CAST A DEADLY SPELL this Tuesday

Martin Campbell has been a very busy man over the last 20 years. While his big screen adaptation of GREEN LANTERN may have fizzled out at the box office, you can forgive him that misfire. He did, after all, revamp and revitalize for modern audiences both Zorro (THE MASK OF ZORRO) and James Bond twice over (GOLDENEYE and CASINO ROYALE). But before he was a go-to guy for action spectaculars, Campbell directed one of the best films you’ve never seen.

A made-for-television movie produced by HBO, CAST A DEADLY SPELL is a modestly budgeted, impressively produced horror noir set in the ‘40s. Fred Ward stars as Harry Philip Lovecraft — though you may know him better by his initials H.P.

Ward’s Lovecraft isn’t a writer penning tales of giant squid-faced monstrosities, though. Ward stars as a hardboiled private eye struggling to make ends meet as a non-magic user in a world addicted to the stuff.

In the society Lovecraft inhabits, everybody uses magic for both the mundane and the extraordinary. From employing slack-jawed zombies as bodyguards to summening chiseled-chested gargoyles to stalk through the night spying on people, magic is as every much a part of the film’s shadow-drenched post-World War II world as dangerous dames and pencil-mustached gangsters.

When Lovecraft is hired by Amos Hackshaw (a rich recluse played by David Warner) to recover his lost tome (a little book you may have heard of called the Necronomicon), he finds himself tangled up again with old “friends” — chief among them being Harry Bordon, a petty thug played by Clancy Brown who dreams of ruling the world. Julianne Moore and Alexandra Powers also co-star as two mysterious women with secrets that further complicate the case Lovecraft is so desperately trying to unravel.

CAST A DEADLY SPELL has never been released on DVD and a 35mm print probably doesn’t exist. How, then, are we going to show this film? We’re taking a trip back to the age where you were asked to be kind and rewind. To show CAST A DEADLY SPELL, we’re hooking up a VCR to the projector and popping in a VHS tape.

Tickets to this screening are only $1 so head to Vintage Park on Tuesday, August 26 for a great movie that might have been lost to the sands of time if not for the power of VHS!

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