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Director Jacob Young at the Ritz tonight with DANCING OUTLAW

dancing-outlaw-blogDirector Jacob Young is in town to present his cult-legendary documentary about cult-legend wildman Jesco White- this is like meeting a man who fell into a blackhole and lived to tell about it.  DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!

Join us for the classic documentary about Jesco White, greatest living Appalachian mountain dancer, hell-raiser, glue-sniffer and all-around hero for our times.

"In the dark recesses of the hills of Boone County, West Virginia lives a man named Jesse (Jesco) White. Around 1990, the eccentric "genius" of this Appalachian everyman became the subject of an irreverent documentary titled DANCING OUTLAW, and whether viewed as a comedy or a study in psychosis, the video has managed to catch the attention of quite a few people...This sociological milestone takes the viewer on an enlightening trip into the lives of people in a part of America that is shrouded in mystery, folklore and (not always unjustified) stereotypes. Go tell your friends... This is required viewing, especially after a few bottles of cough syrup".  (Jake Harvey, FilmZone)

Get your $2 ticket right here!

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