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Digital Classics in stunning 4k projection

“We moved cautiously into digital conversion at the Alamo Drafthouse.   As much as I like to be an earlier adopter, we did not want to make a significant financial commitment to digital projection until we were sure we were getting the best possible technology.  After viewing 2K technology side to side with the Sony 4k projectors, there was no hesitation and no other choice.  4k projection is the vastly superior digital technology.”   -Tim League, Founder/CEO, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. When we started looking at adding digital cinema capabilities to our theaters we looked at a number of different systems. All of them used the 2K model except for Sony's highly advanced 4k system. We were blown away by the detail and the density and brightness Sony 4k gave us. So we are thrilled to present one of our very favorite classics, THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI, in an absolute state of the art 4k digital restoration. Unless you watched a virgin 70mm print of this film on opening night, on optimally tuned equipment, you've never seen this movie look this good.

THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI is a riveting tale of war, duty and honor played out among British and American prisoners of war on a work detail for their Japanese captors. The quality of acting, cinematography and direction on display here is nearly unmatched. It virtually swept the Oscars in 1958, with David Lean winning Best Director, Alec Guinness winning Best Actor as well as awards for screenplay, cinematography, editing, scoring and the overall Best Picture. It's really good. It's also one of the most deeply satisfying nights you'll spend at the movies anytime, anyplace.

Tickets are now on sale!

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