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Did George Lucas Ruin Your Childhood?

THE PEOPLE VS GEORGE LUCAS explores shaky relationship between the creator of STAR WARS and his fans. Come dressed as your favorite STAR WARS character to this one-night-only screening and receive a free small popcorn!

Did George Lucas Ruin Your Childhood?

There are few filmmakers who have the love/hate relationship with their fans that George Lucas does. The creator of STAR WARS and co-creator of INDIANA JONES, Lucas has built himself a lofty empire of riches and ranches — hefted towards the heavens of prosperity by the goodwill garnered with the Star Wars and Indiana Jones trilogy.

As we neared the 21st century, though, and the fans who grew up dressed in Star Wars underoos were finally crushed by the giant unstoppable rolling rock that is adulthood, something strange began to happen. The fans who had previously worshiped the ground upon which Lucas tread suddenly turned on him. Spurred on by the digital alterations Lucas made to his earlier films, a general disgust with the Star Wars prequels and a fourth Indiana Jones movie that saw the character literally hide from a nuclear bomb within the comfy confines of a fridge, the love for Lucas soured and a genuine revolution began to occur deep within the hearts of fandom.

THE PEOPLE VS GEORGE LUCAS, a new documentary by Alexandre O. Philippe, explores the unique, tenuous relationship currently experienced by Lucas and his fans. From bitterness to downright resentment, the film explores the various ways Star Wars fans have begun to push back against the man who created so many fond childhood memories.

One of the more interesting aspects of fandom the film explores is the ownership of ideas. When the Star Wars Special Editions were released in the late ‘90s, fans were in an uproar about the tinkering Lucas did with his movies. As the Special Editions were released on home video and Lucas sought to make them the definitive editions of his films — hiding the original versions of the films and making them next to impossible to watch — fans began to question who the true owner and caregiver of a movie is: the original artist or the consumer who has spent thousands upon thousands of dollars supporting the artist.

Whether you remain a devout believer in the gospel of Lucas or you are one of the throngs of wailing, teeth-gnashing fans who believe Lucas has, indeed, raped their childhood, The People vs. George Lucas offers up an interesting look at a filmmaker and his fans.

The Alamo Drafthouse will be screening the film for one night only on Monday, July 18. Tickets are now on sale and you don’t want to miss out. Local film critic Joe Leydon, who also appears as a subject in the documentary, will be on hand to introduce the movie. Special surprises are in store for those who attend the screening — so cool that you won’t want to miss out.

Also, come dressed as your favorite Star Wars character and receive a free small popcorn!

May the force be with you.

The People vs George Lucas — Monday, July 18, 2011 @ 7:30 PM


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