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Dicks Go In Boxes

After last night's 7pm Christmas Pops Sing-Along, we went on a Renegade Caroling mission that led us to the big windows at Esther's Follies. I figured they couldn't hear us in there, but the site of a lot of carolers all singing behind the performers would at least be a funny distraction.

For some reason, though, Esther's decided to be kind enough to invite our poor ragtag group of carolers out of the "cold" and inside... to their stage. "You guys wanna do one song before we go to intermission?" they asked me.

"Yes. Yes I do." And I knew exactly what song I wanted to sing: Dick In A Box

Keep in mind that these aren't trained carolers, and that we hadn't rehearsed AT ALL. This is the audience from the 7pm show, and that's it. I don't think the people at Esther's realized that, until they heard how incredibly bad our singing actually was.

They probably will never invite me inside there again, but we'll be going on more Renegade Caroling missions after the Christmas Pops shows this Sunday, 12/21 as well. You can still get tickets to one of those shows and come join us if you want.

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