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Diane Franklin Is Bringing BETTER OFF DEAD and BILL AND TED To The Alamo!

The star of BETTER OFF DEAD and BILL AND TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE is coming to the Alamo!

Diane Franklin Is Bringing BETTER OFF DEAD and BILL AND TED To The Alamo!

Diane Franklin, the lovely actress from BETTER OFF DEAD (Monique) and BILL AND TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE (Joanna), is showing both movies back-to-back at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar this Sunday! We're obviously incredibly excited to have Franklin join us for some ZZANG!! excitement. 

BILL AND TED is screening at 7pm this Sunday, May 6 at South Lamar. Get tickets here!

Two lobotomized friends kidnap historical luminaries for the world’s most epic phone booth stuffing! Bill S. Preston, Esq. (Alex Winter) and Ted “Theodore” Logan (that other guy) are seniors on the verge of failing history. Their only hope is to deliver an impressive final report on how people from the past would view the world today. Their success is also the only hope for the citizens of the future, who rely on the music of Bill and Ted’s band Wyld Stallyns to fuel their idyllic society. That’s why Rufus (George Carlin) is sent back in time to help the guys pass history and keep the band together. Using Rufus’ phone booth time machine, the boys assemble a dream team of historical figures to speak at their presentation. Along for the ride is princess Joanna, played by screen icon Diane Franklin who’ll be joining us IN PERSON with tales of ‘80s Hollywood insanity! It’s gonna be like every wild night from EVERY century EVER…ALL at ONCE! 

And BETTER OFF DEAD is playing at 10pm on Sunday, May 6 at South Lamar. Get tickets here!

There are a zillion ways to earn a laugh, but one thing we can ALL agree on is that suicidal depression is HIIIIILARIOUS! Just ask Lane Meyer (John Cusack), a heartbroken teenager who just can’t seem to catch a lethal break. Pills, nooses, carbon monoxide poisoning…nothin’ does the trick. But when his ex-beloved Beth starts schmucking around with arrogant ski warrior Roy, Lane realizes that he must put his self-destructive powers towards a better purpose: the total decimation of The Enemy! Enter French heroine Monique (Diane Franklin), who joins school scuzzbomb Charles De Mar in preparing Lane for the ultimate in downhill combat…plus she gives him some “international language” lessons along the way. THE quintessential anything-goes ‘80s comedy, with enough exploding neighbors, crawling dinners, racist zingers and guitar-shredding cheeseburgers to annihilate audiences across the universe. 

You can buy tickets to either or both shows, but honestly, how could you choose between these two movies? So come see both with Diane Franklin in attendance!

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