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David Fincher’s SE7EN comes to the Alamo this March

You have three chances to catch the brilliant, atmospheric modern noir.

David Fincher’s SE7EN comes to the Alamo this March

If you've never seen SE7EN...I envy you. Don't look it up on IMDB, don't check the cast list and don't ask your friends about it. When this movie first came out it was released with such a pitch perfect ad campaign that set up the characters and the mystery and nothing else. It didn't try to oversell you or spoil anything, it just offered you a glimpse into the atmospheric genius that David Fincher creates.

The hackneyed plot kicks off with Det. Somerset (Morgan Freeman) just one week out from retirement in the homicide department. All that stands between him and some shuffleboard is one final case—a case that teams him up with a young hotshot named David Mills (Brad Pitt).

This is where you can stop predicting what happens. From here the movie takes cruel turn after malicious corkscrew turn and leaves you questioning the anger and resentment that festers inside of all of us until it crescendos into an unconventional ending straight out of your best anti-hero movie of the ‘70s. No one says “I’m too old for this shit!” and no one pulls any punches.

David Fincher is a genius of atmosphere and SE7EN could be his greatest outing. The stakes are always high, and you perpetually feel at risk watching this grimy crime shocker. This film doesn’t just mark the best of the ‘90s; it ranks amongst the greatest in the genre. And if David Fincher, Howard Shore, Brad Pitt, AND THE VOICE OF GOD can’t get you into a theater to watch it this could be the greatest sinner of them all. BANGARANG! (Greg MacLennan)

Also before the show we will be having a gluttonous spaghetti eating competition and our Ritz showing will be in glorious 35mm!

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