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DARK KNIGHT opening night tix on sale NOW!

That's right. We have tickets on sale for the Thursday July 17 Midnight and opening weekend shows of THE DARK KNIGHT on sale at the Ritz, Village and South Lamar theaters.

Hollywood made one of its best decisions ever when it gave Christopher Nolan the keys to the Batmobile in 2005. Welsh-American-Psycho Christian Bale is just the ticket as the Dark Knight - who is again a lean, tormented, driven avenger and not some guy who looks like one of Madonna's backup dancers.

BATMAN BEGINS was exactly what we needed. The savage and hallucinatory battle of Man v. Self and Bat v. Scarecrow changed the dynamic of the whole series and made us extra excited about Nolan's flight plan for the new DARK KNIGHT. On top of it all there's the late Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker as a grotesque grease-painted bastard with a serious grudge.

So yes, we're excited. Really, REALLY excited. We will have menu specials, drinks and an equally kickass preshow that you can enjoy whether you're a comic-book hoarding uberfan or just a casual moviegoer.

Plus, tickets for July 18th's Ultimate Dark Knight Adventure will go on sale next Wednesday July 2 at 3pm. There will be a big bus trip out to Bracken Cave, an extravagant Bruce Wayne-style feast and more high flying adventures with your host Henri.

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