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DADLABS expose the triumphs and tragedies of fatherhood…this Monday!

DADLABS - Mon, Sept 7 at The Ritz!


With special Giveaways from Baby Bjorn.

This Labor Day celebrate the ones who never go through Labor... Dads! Join the four dads of (Brad Powell, Clay Nichols, Troy Lanier and Owen Egerton) as they present their award winning, side-splitting, occasionally insightful videos on being a father in the 21st century. The night will also include live interaction including the Male Breast Pump Challenge! Wikipooia! And Favorite Fathering Drinking Games! broadcasts irreverent advice and entertainment to fathers and has garnered a growing national following. With videos featuring Kevin Nealon, Sara Hickman, a slew of Austin's best comics and, of course, the four dads, you'll learn about breastfeeding, foreskins, inappropriate playground interaction, pregnant men and all the joy of being a dad, having a dad or knowing someone who has a dad!

Be the first in line to enjoy the hilarious insight of these bold impregnators. Get those tickets HERE!

What is DadLabs?..with host Owen Egerton

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