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Thanks to Michael Madsen's Champagne-bottle-chopping skills and Tim League's ribbon-cutting panache, the Alamo Drafthouse Kalamazoo opened in style



That was the sound the guests heard as our special guest Michael Madsen grabbed one of his KILL BILL samurai swords and swiftly lopped the neck off of a Champagne bottle. It was part of a Napoleonic tradition Alamo Drafthouse founder Tim League revives at the opening of each new Alamo.

Assembled guests, including Kalamazoo Mayor Bobby Hopewell and State Rep. Sean McCann, gathered Tuesday afternoon for the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the theater.

The festivities continue this evening with the dedication of the Michael Madsen Theatre and two screenings of Madsen's classic RESERVOIR DOGS. He'll stick around for a Wednesday night screening of THELMA & LOUISE.

Mr. Madsen also found time to hang out with Barbarella; taking a photo with our faux-Jane-Fonda has already become an Alamo Kalamazoo tradition.


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