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Crawfish: Their claws can’t protect them from my tummy

I don't know how I've lived in Texas for so many years and never experienced one before, but it wasn't until last month's rehearsal for our upcoming CRAWFISH BOIL that I'd ever been to one of these magical evenings at all. Now I can't get enough of them and am all sorts of excited for this Saturday's real deal at Tim and Karrie's house. Why? First of all, because crawfish scare me. This isn't a big surprise to me, as I have an irrational fear of ALL fish, but while my fear of regular fish is something I can't explain at all, I feel like having a bit of trepidation around a big vat of live crawfish makes sense, because those suckers have claws.

However, even though I'm a total pansy and get creeped out by their claws, I still found out that I love me some crawfish, especially when they're boiled. First of all, boiling living things = pretty awesome. Especially when they're living things that creep you out when they're moving around.

And secondly, they're the ones with the sharp pinchers, but once they're safely dead, my hands become the claws that pick apart their silly little shells and get their tasty meat into my mouth. Take that, crawfish!

But the real surprise to me (because I'm an idiot) is that you don't just boil crawfish at a crawfish boil. Wha?? I know! But it's not just the crawfish that go into the pot, and then into your mouth and your belly. You also get all sorts of other goodies, like the greatest corn and potatoes ever, for starters, and it's all so awesomely spiced with cajun goodness, especially when our chef John Bullington is involved. He did the dry run for us, and he's going to be out there cooking them up again for us this Saturday at the League's house, and I'm going to be there for more.

You can join us for all the crawfish you can eat and a keg of cold beer to wash them down with for $25, and tickets, while they last, are available RIGHT HERE. We're not screening a movie or doing anything film-related for this event, but we recently found out that there are, in fact, other ways to have fun, too. This is an intriguing new possibility to us, and so while we'll always love movies first and foremost, every once in a while we might do something like boiling crawfish just... because we like to do it. Come on out on Saturday, and we'll see you there!

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