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Crank 2 equals Berzerk!  Loved it.

A month or so ago, I posted about the thrillingly ridiculous CRANK 2 trailer. Last night up at the Village, we finally got a chance to check it out and this train was UNSTOPPABLE!!! 90 minutes of distilled depraved insanity. I just checked Rotten Tomatoes and it's rocking at a 76% freshness rating. It's unheard of for a movie of this ilk to post out such a strong tomatometer number, unless of course it is a brilliant vanguard new wave of film excitement that stands to change the texture of film forever!

At the midnight show, audience members were given out 9 volt batteries to shock themselves every time Statham got juiced. We won't have batteries for the rest of the shows, but I highly recommend packing your own. It's a strange sensory memory that tastes like childhood.

Please come out and support Crank: High Voltage at the Village this week. I reeeeeaaally need to see Crank 3. There was much conjecture after the film last week of what gimmick my favorite new movie franchise is going to employ next.

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