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Congrats To Tim League And Midnight Cowboy!

Our fearless leader is featured in ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE's Innovator Series and the 6th street bar is named as one of the 10 best new bars!

Congrats To Tim League And Midnight Cowboy!

Congratulations to Tim League and Midnight Cowboy! The Alamo Drafthouse CEO and founder has been featured in ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE's Innovator Series and the 6th Street bar is listed as one of EATOCRACY's 10 best new bars!


Every month, the magazine chooses one person who is pushing beyond the boundaries in their own field. This month they chose to highlight Tim League and Alamo Drafthouse for redefining the movie experience. The article discusses the origins and inspiration behind the Alamo, the special events planned, Fantastic Fest, Mondo, Drafthouse Films and the future of the expanded Alamo Drafthouse experience. The article also includes quotes from Elijah Wood and Michaël Roskam, BULLHEAD’s director and screenwriter. The September issue is on stands now.

"While corporate owned multiplexes have faced declining attendance, one indie theater chain is bucking the trend. Austin's Alamo Drafthouse is striking gold through redefining the cinema experience. Now this underground phenomenon is crashing into the mainstream, taking on Hollywood, New York City and - eventually - all points between." - from the introduction of the article.

"You need to think about the customer experience all the way through, from buying a ticket to arriving in the parking lot to watching the movie to leaving. The cinema industry is competing against everything else people do on a Friday or Saturday night. If they don't have a good time, you're going to lose them to something else. So much of what we do is trying to make the Alamo experience special." - Tim League.

"Tim is like the Willy Wonka or the P.T. Barnum of the cinema world - he's passionate, accessible and filled with an extraordinary amount of integrity. Alamo Drafthouse is an incredible place to enjoy movies. I've never experienced anything like it." - Elijah Wood.

"Premiering Bullhead at Fantastic Fest is the best thing that could have happened for us. It's the hottest cult film festival in the U.S. - it's still young, but it's already established as a trendsetting, cool, fun festival. It's the moment where the buzz started." - Michaël Roskam.


Alamo Drafthouse-owned bar Midnight Cowboy was featured by CNN's EATOCRACY as one of the best bars in the U.S.!  In the story, the restaurant editor of FOOD & WINE, Jim Meehan, choose his top ten favorite new bars in the U.S. and the prohibition-era, reservation only speakeasy Midnight Cowboy was featured. Congratulations are in order for Alamo Drafthouse Beverage Director Bill Norris, Bar Manager Brian Dressel and Midnight Cowboy!

"This Prohibition-era speakeasy is in a space formerly occupied by the Midnight Cowboy Modeling massage parlor. A buzzer labeled 'Harry Craddock' lets you in. 'No way you’d know the place was there if you weren’t looking,' says Meehan, who is good at finding hidden bar entrances. Drink selections include Dill + Tonic (dill-infused gin and tonic liqueur) and Hot & Bothered (two kinds of rum, ginger beer and Fire & Damnation bitters)."

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