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Confessions of an anime hater (who loves SUMMER WARS)

As a lifetime anime-disparager, I was shocked to find myself so enamored of the new Japanese animated feature SUMMER WARS. The story has real breadth and impact. While it's a hyperkinetic story of computer espionage, hacking and virtual mayhem, at its heart is the timeless saga of an ancient Japanese warrior clan.

I'm a sucker for super-cool old people and the matriarch of the Jinnouchi family is one of my favorite old-timers in recent memory. When a renegade network avatar called Love Machine brings Japan to a stop, she rallies the ancient warrior clans of Japan in the old way and through familial solidarity they counter the menace.

The story is solid, the visuals are innovative and stunning, with the workings of the avatars providing flights of wild fantastic fantasy. While I can't speak for the dubbed version, the voice cast in the original Japanese version is outstanding.  I'm not going to start watching BEBOP VALENTINE CANDYBAR or any of that other anime stuff anytime soon but I do strongly recommend SUMMER WARS.

We're showing SUMMER WARS in two configurations. We'll have one dubbed show of it each day at Lamar between Jan. 7 and 13 and we'll have the subtitled version on Jan. 10-12 at Ritz. This is highly recommended for all, inquisitive teens will like it a lot, though younger kids may find the plot confusing. It's not rated but if it were, it would likely be PG.

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